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Nepal Telecom keeps an awareness of corona virus as ringback tone in all users of NTC.


Nepal Telecom keeps an awareness of coronavirus as a ring back tone in all users of NTC. The ringback tone will play unless the called number will pick up or the timeout to pick a call.

KATHMANDU, 21 MARCH: Nepal Telecom has started to provide awareness messages of coronavirus VIRUS (Covid-19) through the calling ring back tones. Ntc has initiated this move from the afternoon of Chaitra 6, 2076 (March 19, 2020).

As the CoronaVirus (Covid-19) pandemic has already breakout on one-third of the globe, Nepal is doing its best to take precaution measures. PM KP Sharma Oli made an announcement to the nation on Friday urged people not to be panicked by the current situation but to take necessary precautions to stay safe. They have asked people not to go out of their homes unless necessary. All has been done to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. “All services to be delivered from public, community and private institutions at the federal, provincial and local levels are closed from March 22 till April 3, except for essential services listed in the Nepal Gazette,” he further said.

So, as when you make a call to any Ntc number, you will get a message with the symptoms of the infection and the precaution measures to be safe. With the message, Ntc requests people to wash their hands with soap and water regularly or sanitizer. They also ask not to go to crowded areas and cover your sneezing, coughing.

The ringback tone will play unless the called number will pick up or the timeout to pick a call. Earlier the subscriber needs to buy ring back tone from their balance but now Ntc provides this message for free to the whole numbers in their network.
Nepal Telecom has also started to put coronavirus message in its Information center called “NT Suchana ko Sansar“. Just like the CRBT message, they will provide similar information regarding the symptoms, safety measures with the Covid19 for free.

To access such information, you need to make a call to 32100 from your Ntc number. As it is a call-in system, all the information will be provided through a voice message which is called IVR in technical terms.

Similarly, you can also get the other official hotline numbers of government. Further, there is other information in the call line like Agriculture, health, News, Weather, Natural Disaster. This is beneficial to people who want to listen to such information in the Nepali language.

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