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Nepal government has made an arrangement for the rescue of tourist stuck in various tourist hubs


Nepal government has chartered various domestic plans to rescue the tourist from Lukla and Pokhara after the country is lockdown due to pandemic coronavirus

KATHMANDU, MARCH 26: A chartered plane of Buddha air is flew to Pokhara on Thursday morning to rescue 47 French nationals, sources said.

Due to lockdown, about 300 tourist has been stuck in Lukla, around 500 in Pokhara and half a dozen in Manasulu area are being rescued back to Kathmandu. According to TAAN, an arrangement has been made in the various hotels of Themal for the tourist until their government arranges the plan to take back to their home country. Today in the morning 60 tourist has come to Kathmandu by road.

A day after the government took a decision to rescue and send the tourists back to their home country, the chartered plane is being sent by the French government to rescue their citizens from Nepal.

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