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Access Facts About Coronavirus Through WhatsApp Messaging Service

World Health Organization


Get updated with the fact about Coronavirus through social media.

In order to make facts regarding COVID-19 accessible to government authorities, health professionals, reporters and the general public, the World Health Organization (WHO) has put up a system in place to answer any questions regarding the novel coronavirus and current updates and developments on this pandemic. 

WhatsApp, owned by the technology giant Facebook, is one of the most popular apps in the world when it comes to keeping in touch with people from tour personal and/or professional lives.


WHO plans to raise awareness amongst people regarding the possible dangers of following news sites and digital communities that share stories without confirming anything from official sources. In the case of this pandemic, everyone should follow WHO on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or WhatsApp so that they have the right information. 

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Find out what you can do to protect yourself against getting infected: Everyday a few slices of lemon on hot water can protect you from corona Virus (COVID-19)

With a reach of 2 billion people in the world, WhatsApp has no equal for the experts at WHO who believe that the public should be able to exercise their right to information, and, in this regard, the right to "authentic" information. 

We have verified this service ourselves and have found out that the chatbot sends you an automated message which reads: 

*Welcome to the World Health Organization*

*What would you like to know about coronavirus?*

Reply with a number (or emoji) at any time to get the latest information on the topic:

1. Latest numbers 🔢

2. Protect yourself 👍

3. Your questions answered❓

4. Mythbusters 🛑 

5. Travel advice 🗺

6. News & Press 📰

7. Share ⏩

8. Donate now 🥰

Our sources tell us that Praekelt has used Turn machine learning technology, which helps organisations have one-on-one and guided interactions with concerned individuals and the public. Praekelt.Org worked closely with WHO officials to make this possible. 

The following link can take you to the messaging service which will activate the conversation after you send a simple "hi" to the chatbot:

COVID-19 WhatsApp

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